What are some common tasks & duties of a Site Supervisor?

What are some common tasks & duties of a Site Supervisor?

Common duties of a Site Supervisor

A Site Supervisor will Conduct inspections of construction sites to identify and eliminate any potential safety hazards

Site Supervisors minimize work-related accidents and injuries by enforcing site safety rules, working closely with senior management and key stakeholders

Site Supervisors provide education to site workers on construction safety regulations and accident protocol, including management of site accidents according to policies and procedures

Recording and maintaining accurate records

Establishing disciplinary measures as required, by evaluating the performance of employees

Ensuring construction projects meet design, budget, and safety specifications by analysing blueprints

Increasing efficiency by actively participating in quality improvement projects and recommending changes to construction operations or procedures.


How much do Site Supervisors earn?

On average a Site Supervisor will earn between $75,000 up to $140,000 per year, making the career very sort after.

Building Site Supervisor Job Description

Building supervisors maintain every aspect of the buildings and surrounding grounds where they are employed, managing employees, coordinating schedules, and enforcing all property policies. Schools, hospitals, and office buildings hire building supervisors, who primarily report to the property owner or building manager. Building supervisors generally work daytime business hours but are always on-call in the case of emergencies and other crisis situations. Building supervisors work on the building property itself and rarely travel as part of their regular duties.

Building Site Supervisor Skills and Qualifications

Building supervisors are highly organized professionals who manage people and problems, know how to prioritize tasks, and stay calm under pressure. Many companies are looking for formal qualifications to verify the skills you have. We can certainly help you become a Building Supervisor in Perth with our courses.

Building supervisors need an array of key skills to handle their daily responsibilities and find success in this role, including:

  • Management experience – building supervisors are managers who dole out job tasks to staff and hire contractors, duties that require management and leadership skills
  • Customer service – building supervisors address building residents, customers, and other individuals who come to the building property, making customer service skills an essential part of the job
  • Organization skills – coordinating schedules and staff assignments while managing regular building protocols and maintenance requirements requires excellent organization skills
  • Attention to detail – building supervisors perform regular inspections to look for any problems or imperfections within the building or on the grounds, which always requires the ability to be detail-oriented
  • Communication skills – building supervisors possess excellent communication skills to speak daily with staff, vendors, and residents, and deliver verbal and written reports about building issues to the property owner or building manager
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